Shenton Holdings, an investment company that invest with Brazil

Today we are going to talk about an investment company that structures Real Estate investment products for Brazil,  Shenton Holdings. These products are for investors who are interested in gaining superior investment returns compared to traditional investment products. We attended one of their investment seminars and from our understanding, Shenton Holdings is a company that searches for … More Shenton Holdings, an investment company that invest with Brazil

The Real Estate Market in Brazil

Property purchase offers far greater returns today than most stock market investments and never before has international property been so popular or so accessible as a highly lucrative way to create wealth. Worldwide property investors are now turning their attention to Brazil, as the country is fast becoming a leading emerging market. Returns on investment are considered … More The Real Estate Market in Brazil

Movements in Brazil: Getting Down to Business after Election

After winning a runoff election that was among the narrowest in Brazil’s history last year, President Rousseff appointed a new economic team, led by Finance Minister Joaquim Levy, to help restore investor confidence. Achieving a primary budget surplus of 1.2% of GDP has been set as a goal for this year. It seems that Brazil’s leaders … More Movements in Brazil: Getting Down to Business after Election

Why Invest in Brazil?

There are many reasons behind the growth of the Brazilian property market over the last decade. President Lula, who preceded President Rousseff, introduced progressive economic policies, which saw Brazil rapidly develop into a sound economy with a political and fiscal environment conducive to growth. Today, the country offers one of the most promising investment opportunities in the world. … More Why Invest in Brazil?

Advantages of Investing in Brazil

Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America. It is also the largest country in South America. Originally a colony of Portugal, present day Brazil is a Federal Republic. The country is famous for its Carnival festival, its diverse wildlife, natural environments and its soccer team. By 2008 Brazil had grown to be the world’s 8th … More Advantages of Investing in Brazil

Trade and Investment Deal Confirmed between Brazil and China

Recent news have stated that Chinese premier Li Keqiang has unveiled a multibillion-dollar series of trade and investment deals with Brazil, as Beijing looks to invest $50bn in South America’s largest economy. The news, unveiled on the Chinese official visit, is a huge boon for Brazil, as the country endures a fifth straight year of low … More Trade and Investment Deal Confirmed between Brazil and China

Why Foreign Companies should Invest in Brazil

With Dilma Rousseff’s successful re-election bid as Brazilian president, worldwide investors are remaining prudent when it comes to investing in stocks linked to the South American country. Many of the largest banks and financial entities have shown themselves to be unwilling to invest in Brazil or even to extend credit for development programs, despite the nation’s slow, steady … More Why Foreign Companies should Invest in Brazil

Investors flock to Brazil’s assets

Although only 40% of Brazil’s population is regularly connected to the Internet, Brazilians are already spending $13 billion a year online. Unemployment is at a historic low, while wages are increasing and credit is widely available. Therefore domestic demand is rising, even as economic growth has been slowing down; GDP grew 7,5% in 2010, only … More Investors flock to Brazil’s assets